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here’s a list of very positive reviews, biased comments, and favorable testimonials endorsing my photography and work.


a photo fan

We’ve never “worked” together or even “met” in person, but I’ve been a fan of your photography since I saw the shots you took for the Run For Your Lives Zombie 5k a few years back with Sandy & Vince. (I think one of Vince’s shots was my fav, but I’m very biased.. lol.) I then went on to admire the shots on your site, with the helmet babes and soldier toys, and those shots were amazing and unique to me. From landscapes with beautiful lighting to scenes with miniature toys, your creativity and vision that comes out in your photos is freaking awesome!


Intimate Moments

I love the photos you took of Jonas. You were able to capture intimate moments that our family typically share privately together. We were always getting photos of the back of Jonas’ head, you not only got his sweet, innocent face, but captured his playful personality on film. I cherish those photos.
a dedicated mom


Our Choice

Norma takes amazing photos and is our photographer of choice. She is wonderful with kids and adults alike. I highly recommend Norma!
– KA
a beautiful mommy


The Little Ones

If you need portraits (OR scenery shots for that matter), you need to work with Norma. The photo shoots she’s done with my kids and me are my most prized pictures in my house. Especially how she has the ability to catch them so naturally, with the smiles, laughs, and “looks” that simply define, and capture my life in a perfect moment in time that forever reminds me of just how wonderful that piece of time was. Her work is simply a reflection of her God given ability and I can’t say enough good things about her!
– Mike G. (with Avery and Tatum)
a super dad


Personal & Work

Norma is an excellent photographer whose professionalism and creativity make her a pleasure to work with. I’ve hired Norma for both personal and business-related projects and I’ve always been more than satisfied with her results.
One personal project was a series of photos that I wanted taken of my two fur-kids. During that photo shoot Norma was extremely patient in dealing with the oft-uncooperative subjects and didn’t leave until we had some compelling shots. She printed and framed the photos for me and I always smile when I see them hanging on my wall.
A business-related project I hired Norma for was for a photography-based app that I had worked on. I had very specific requirements and she delivered at a quality level beyond what I could have expected.
I highly recommend Norma to anyone who is looking for not only a professional photographer but an artist who is going to provide you with something wonderful and unique.
– KF
Senior Web Developer


Tropical Wedding

We were extremely satisfied with the photos taken at our destination wedding. The content was great, and you were able to include everything and everyone that made the day so special. We would definitely recommend and use again.
– MT & AT
a happily married couple


The Badass Bike

Norma took some pictures of my bike for me. I owned the bike for 4 years and she showed me things I’d never noticed. Her composition and angles were unique and fantastic! I can’t wait for her to take pictures of my new bike!
– SB
Madman on a motorcycle


Motorcycle Sexy

Norma’s work has the rare ability to get people laid. She makes average racers look young, fast, and even from certain angles dead sexy. I don’t know how she does it and it probably pisses off Donald Trump, but God bless her, it works.

– DC
a motorcycle racer

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