am i for hire? believe it.

here’s a list of services that i offer.

the small print up front:
* By appointment only.
* Available within a 20-mile radius of Woodbridge 22193 zip code.
* Pricing is all inclusive. Small travel fees may apply.*
* Approximate turnaround time: 2-3 weeks

  • 1 week rush fee: (+) $100
  • 24hr rush fee: (+) $150


The Model – $150 hr/ 2 hr minimum

I still have interest in shooting with models. My base rate is $150 an hour, 2 hour minimum purchase, as many clothing changes you can get in during that time.
I am not accepting TFP/TFCD at this time unless the idea is extremely unique or bizarre.  Contact me and send me your concept. I’m pretty open minded and all about shooting surrealism and vibrant colors.


The Family Pet – $100

For about one hour I will photograph you and your pet doing your thing. Throwing the ball, playing frisbee, going for a swim, strolling along in the park…and of course lots of hugs and snuggles. This includes candids and posed portraits.

For those fuzzies that are a little bit older and can’t hang like they used to, I can come to your home and work with them in their comfortable environment.  If you love your pets like I do, having a quality image of them is something I couldn’t be without.


The Candid Family – $150

For one hour I will photograph your family doing what you normally do. This includes candids and posed portraits. We can meet at a location of your choice.*


Candid Little Peoples – $150

Little people can be challenging to photograph when they get bored, so the idea behind this package is to make sure we get pics done quickly while they still have a smile on their faces.  (Typically one hour or less.) We can meet at a location where your kids are free to be themselves.


The Good Cause – Pro Bono (case by case)

I like to think I’m a good person and I have a skillset that I think could benefit programs that have a good cause.  So if you’re an animal rescue or have a good cause that you could benefit from having some quality photos, let me know. I can’t work with everyone due to time restrictions, but if my schedule permits and the stars align – I would love to help you out if the cause seems legit.
Please contact me with brief summary of cause and we can try to work something out.


My personal, candid opinions – Typically Free