me, myself, and i

who are you?

i am an openly admitted crazy cat lady with camera skills for about 12-13 years now. i’m a proud Nikon photographer and i shoot with a D3S, D300, and my iphone. i’ve taken no classes for photography. i’m self taught completely through trial and lots of errors. i’ve read books, surfed the interwebs, read tutorials, and just experimented to get where i am.

what do you photograph?

honestly, i’ve photographed just about everything at one point. i’ve worked for magazines and have had work published. i’ve documented subjects ranging from food and drinks, to bartenders and business owners, to hot chicks wearing electrical tape over their boobs.

what i enjoy photographing the most is little people, fuzzy animals, and toys. why? mainly because kids and animals don’t care about how they look. they keep it real and not worry about slobber, boogers, or if they look fat. toys just do what i tell them, so that’s why we work so well together!

what about photographing adults?

i do photograph grown ups and families as well. when shooting with adults, i’ve learned that they do seem to care about slobber, boogers, or if they look fat… so if we work together, expect that I’ll be quite frank and tell you that your posture, facial expression, lazy eye, or whatever isn’t working. it isn’t intended as being mean, i see it as my job to make sure you look your best because that’s my job as a photographer.

what’s your photography style?

candids and documentary is my choice style for images. if you want staged & posed pictures, that’s not me. sorry, i just don’t care for the pre-staged photo – unless its for editorial purposes. either way, i’m sure you can accomplish that at your local mall retail photography shop. my goal is to document folks in their natural element. catch a REAL laugh or a genuine smile. i want my photo to make you feel like you were right there at that moment.